Beyond The See
Beyond The See filmstill
* Beyond The See, filmstill
Beyond The See filmstill

The video installation shows a familiar scene – panorama of a lake with five sailing boats. However, a strange instability emanates from the objects on the water. Up close, the boats turn out to be abstract entities composed of thin, softly-formed and, above all, disjointed walls.
The objects on the water present themselves as sailing boats only from the camera‘s point of view, but like the constellations of stars, that were long used for navigation, they too are loose constellations that only fit into the interpreted form from our vantage point.

The sailboat often appears in art as a metaphor for freedom. A term that is used acutely particular arbitrarily. The deconstruction of the boats can be read as a dissection of the idea of freedom - that freedom to believe what you see, to understand what you hear, or to know what you belief.

The Work will first be presented on June 29th 2021 - on the occasion of the exhibition:

THE WORLD:REGLITTERIZED at Haus der Kunst Munich