Air Into Solid
Paul Valentin Air Into Solid Book Artistbook Suedeutsche
Paul Valentin Exhibition AdbK München Kunst MaximiliansForum Munich Ausstellung Karl Faber
* display at Karl & Faber, 2020
The question of what "the world" is seems particularly related to how we answer the question of "truth" in general.Both themes are therefore the guiding principles of the texts of this book. Together with examples from literature and pop culture, they are juxtaposed with the artistic works of Paul Valentin.

Air Into Solid is an anthology of texts that deal with the clarity and confusion of the term "the world" for a visual artist who is familiar with digital worlds and wants to understand the "analogue world" in order to simulate it on the computer for animation films and other works.

Release Date: 12/09/20
ISBN 978-3-00-066301-7
Hardcover 144 pages, € 39,-
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Air Into Solid is a limited edition artist book.
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